Read Some of My Papers from the Spring 2020 Semester!

I’m not big on continuing traditions, but I am big on keeping promises. This update seeks to accomplish both.

So, to continue a “tradition” on this blog — and to keep a promise made in my previous post — I’ve linked some of the papers I wrote during my last semester of undergrad. Especially in the essays written post-coronavirus, you can probably sense some of that senioritis setting in. But with around 10,000 words of content across these six assignments (again, senioritis), there should be something for everyone!

Simply click the links to be taken to the corresponding document:

Summarizing my experiences with this blog and musing on the field of data journalism (this is my undergraduate thesis)

Outlining — in mid-May and from 30,000 feet — the 2020 campaigns for President, House, and Senate (some of the analysis is a tad outdated today, unfortunately)

Discussing three ways in which electoral reform can be considered a political problem in the United States: the role of money in politics, issues of representation, and ballot access

Identifying actors who play a significant role in the debate associated with electoral reform: broadly categorized as government officials and civilian organizations (the latter group includes Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift)

Evaluating three proposed “solutions” to electoral reform: automatic voter registration, voting by mail, and the restoration of felons’ voting rights

Proposing my own original electoral system that appears democratic but is actually corrupt (this one was a lot of fun!)

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