​First Past the Poll is a blog focused on election statistics, opinion polling, and political data more broadly. The site, created in August 2018, hopes to present these quantitative narratives in an easy-to-understand, unbiased manner. ​

First Past the Poll is run by Bradley Wascher (me). It functions as a body of my political science research during the second half of college — my undergraduate thesis was literally a summary of my experiences with this blog.

I’m currently a Contributing Analyst for Inside Elections, the nonpartisan race rating publication and newsletter based in Washington, D.C. At Inside Elections, I primarily write number-heavy articles dissecting the latest polls and campaign happenings, along with helping to manage their larger data projects. For more information, my company page can be found here.

Thanks partly to the opportunities created by First Past the Poll, I’m beginning grad school this fall at Georgetown University to pursue an M.A. in American Government. I finished undergrad at Western Kentucky University in May 2020, studying Political Science and Applied Statistics; although I attended WKU to compete for the forensics (speech and debate) team, I also appeared on the school’s PoliSci podcast and analyzed university survey data, among other pursuits.

You can find me @ BradWascher on Twitter and LinkedIn.